Mr. Avadhesh Kumar Residence Interior


kitchen 1

  • Location                 : Greater Noida, Sector – Omicron

  • Lead Architect     : Ar.M.Nadeem

  • Area                        : 1731 SqFt

  • Project Year          : 2017

This interior focus on space communications between the layers and details, the minimal style with finished feeling. The white and wood finish is installed to create open and full of light interior.

Mr.Avadhesh Interior - bedroom

We were asked to redefine the interior design and space in this home by Mr. Avadhesh and her wife Mrs. Shradha. Their apartment is in 1731-square-feet located in Eldeco Green Apartments, Greater Noida. The requirements were so simple yet interesting. The basic need was to create lot of storage spaces but also to use it as an interior element.

Mr.Avadhesh Interior - kids room

Kids Room

Kids room is designed for their three children. Every kid has their own storage space.

Mr.Avadhesh Interior

Drawing / Dining

Drawing and Dining Areas are designed in minimal style with light colours to make the space more bright and open.

The basic Idea for this interior project was to create simple and clean spaces.


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generative design

Generative design is a design method in which the output – image, sound, architectural models, animation – is generated by a set of rules or an Algorithm, normally by using a computer program. Most generative design is based on parametric modeling. It is a fast method of exploring design possibilities that is used in various design fields such as Art, Architecture, Communication Design, and Product Design.

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